On July 1st 2017, Setanta Books published my deluxe hardback photography book featuring rock band Warpaint. Entitled “US / THEN” documenting my time on the road with the band since 2010.

The 180 page book is limited to 2,000 numbered copies (150 of which were signed by the band) and every copy contains a live Warpaint 7” vinyl single of exclusive live favourites ‘Whiteout’ and ‘Bees’ . “US / THEN” can be ordered from:

Below is a trailer featuring photos from the book and live footage shot by Robin, soundtracked by a rare unreleased version of “Whiteout” here: 

“US / THEN” beautifully encapsulates Warpaint’s fantastic journey over the last seven years and features previously unpublished and intimate images of the band taken on the road and includes a forward by Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa.

“As a tour manager, I plan every detail of a tour: the logistics behind all movements; travel, hotels, daily schedules, overseeing production, gear hire, cash flow, scheduling press, weeks or months even before the first show. While on the road, it’s an intricate dance to keep things running smoothly, orchestrating aspects of the show while doing my best to keep everyone happy; whether it means hand picking hotels, predicting food cravings, being intuitive of personal needs, making sure the humor game is strong, dialing down my morning person outlook or dealing with any unforeseen mishaps. Always being one step ahead.”

“As a photographer, I wake early to make time to wander the streets, to explore and get lost, to take photos to remind myself how it felt to be in that city at that time. I've been traveling with these women for nearly 7 years, they're family, they know me better than most. We travel the world together, immersed in our bubble; experiencing a life that can feel unreal most days, one that resembles an odd fantasy groundhog's day. To either wake up in a giant hotel bed or within the confinements of my bunk, I look forward to seeing their faces every morning (or afternoon).”

“I feel the photographs in this book show the candid side of the music world, not usually seen by others, and the connection between people only shared when going through the same experiences. I can't articulate how grateful I am to these four inspiring women for not only being open to my camera (being comfortable with me shooting from anywhere and everywhere, at anytime) but for also becoming collaborators.”

Says Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa: “It is important to keep a diary. Fortunately for us, our tour manager-dear friend-long suffering sister Robin Laananen just happens to be a professional photographer who has a keen eye for the candid. This is a collection of small moments that coalesce to make a romantic portrait of our lives over 7 odd years.”

“If you’ve been to a Warpaint show, you’ve likely spotted her snapping surreptitiously from behind a riser. Her blonde lion’s mane gracefully swanning across the stage to capture the material you see here. At the crack of dawn she’ll be on a pilgrimage, sacrificing precious hours of rest to explore the details of a city that to the rest of us blend into a single indistinct metropolitan experience. This book is as much a testament to her reverence for life as it is a frame for ours.”

“Suffice to say, this book highlights the meatiest cut of our career as a band, between 2010-2017. From our very first tour with Robin to last week's Coachella, there's not a great deal missing from our history. It’s not hyperbolic to say that Robin knows the four of us better than most members of our family, because she is our family. The intimacy allows her to capture the flickers outside of self-awareness that no one else could.“


The Guardian // July 2017

The Guardian // July 2017